Yekaterina Shatrova

Looking for a Wonder

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Yekaterina Shatrova

«Stop here, the moment, you are wonderful»… Perhaps, these quotation from Faust expresses the crux of Yekaterina Shatrova’s music, her composer’s, poeting and performing search… «Looking for a Wonder» is the name of a song, piano piece and the first Shatrova`s CD. «Music has burst out of me like a snow-slip» - she says. This «burst» was symbolical, marking the beginning of her motherhood. All her music, all her creative art is the picture of happiness, admiration for beauty and world harmony, and, at the same time, an attempt to stop the time and save a fragile beauty of a sand castle, meadow flowers, a sunbeam playing on the glass or cane reflected in the crystal-clear water, bells ringing and slight tapping of rain drops…

The major part of Ye.Shatrova`s creative art includes songs for children ensembles and choirs, which became popular among young performers and their leaders at once. However, Yekaterina tries herself in instrumental music, composing bright miniatures for violin and flute. Her vocal compositions are becoming more and more complicated as the author passes to polyrhytmic choruses a capella with elements of sound expression.  

The CD includes piano compositions of special interest, brillianty performed by the composer. Masterly technique, deep and artful interpretation, a certain «nerve» and energy, which the performer shares with the audience, are combined with brightness and interesting harmonic innovations. It is the combination of jazz and ethnic elements with defined structure and considered form.  Beyond and doubt, all the features create the recognizable creative image of Yekaterina Shatrova, which bears no resemblance to anybody else.

The whole impression made by the performance is fresh, bright and original. This music is characterize by contemprory language, but keeps the beauty of tune and harmony, exciting and soothing at the same time. «I still hope for miracle…» - ejaculates Yekaterina in her song «Don`t Fly, Childhood!» Perhaps, looking for unknown miracle she will see and work a lot of every-day wonders through her music. And we`ll be looking forward to them…